How To Choose Your Collagen Supplement

Most people consume collagen supplements that aren't pure. This means that the active ingredient that's responsible for the collagen benefits only make up a small percent of the final product.

Take collagen supplement drinks for example, which only contain 10-20% collagen. These drinks aren't effective as they contain only a small amount of the active collagen ingredient mixed with sugars and flavorings dissolved into a liquid form. Sugars and flavorings are often added to mask the bad smell and strong taste of low-grade collagen peptides! So in fact, these added sugars and flavorings actually make up the majority of the drink, causing them to be unhealthy!


10g of active collagen ingredient for a 60g supplement advertised as a "collagen drink supplement".


Many collagen powders on the market aren't any different too as they are mixed with unbeneficial ingredients to lower costs and mask bad smells and tastes.

Hence, the first thing you should find out when choosing your collagen peptide supplement is the number of ingredients there are. A good collagen supplement will always be in powder form and contain only hydrolyzed marine (fish) collagen peptides.

The next thing you should consider is the quality of the collagen powder itself. This is where a few factors need to be assessed.


Look out for these indicators

Pure White Color

Premium collagen peptide powder will be pure white in color

Mixed with water, it should never tint your water. Inferior hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder can give your water a yellowish color - such collagen are produced using inferior ingredients and cheaper processes.

Beware of supplements that apply artificial colorings to their collagen powder to make their product look whiter!

No Odor

High quality collagen peptide powder has almost no odor. Marine-based collagen peptide powders should only have a minimal "fishy" scent that vanishes once mixed with water or any other drink.

Unpleasant odors are due to a cheaper production process. The crucial step of deodorizing collagen peptides - a complex and costly part of the production process - will be omitted in these low-quality collagen powder supplements.

No Taste

Pure collagen peptide powder will not alter the taste of your drink. 

Just as inferior collagen peptide has a noticeably unpleasant odor, they will also have an unpleasant taste in your drink.


In Conclusion

With these indicators in mind, choosing your collagen should be an easy, calculated process. However, sifting through the wide variety of choices out there can be time consuming and taxing.

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