About Us


From what was just a niche industry a few years ago, the collagen supplement industry has grown dramatically over the past few years. Now, an increasing number of people are discovering the vast benefits that collagen has. Research shows that global collagen consumption amounted to almost 950 metric tons in 2019 alone, and it’s set to grow in each of the next 7 years! 

Naturally, companies have responded swiftly to rising demand. Collagen supplements are now ubiquitous in any health store or drugstore. You’ll see many big brands incorporating collagen into their existing range of supplements or creating a brand new line just for collagen. We see this as a welcome development because that means more people are being exposed to the wonderful benefits of collagen!

Let’s dig a little deeper...

Like a lot of beauty and wellness products in the market today, there is a lot of marketing fluff to wade through. Did you know that most companies only need to hit a very low amount of their main star ingredient for them to be able to proclaim that their product is “full” of said ingredient? The same goes for the majority of collagen supplements out there in the market! 

The average consumer is being misled about the benefits of consuming mainstream collagen products out there because of the concentration of collagen inside it. Many products have more filler products that don’t justify the price markup. Consumers who buy these products are not getting the most bang for their buck, or worse, the benefits that made them buy these products in the first place!  

So what makes us different?

At KORYA, we’re sticking to our foundational standard of consistency. 

We’re results-oriented. 

We’re staunch believers of keeping collagen as it’s meant to be - pure. It’s not difficult to let a quality product speak for itself. We believe that premium, high quality collagen and real results are the best way to gain our customers, and keep them coming back. 

We don't add filler ingredients.

We’ll never put any additional coloring to give our collagen a whiter tint or put any artificial flavoring to mask any odor because our collagen barely has one to begin with (none when mixed with any drink - water included!). 

Preservatives are a no-go for us because our collagen is made in a state-of-the-art, internationally audited facility using high quality fish sources to produce only premium collagen peptide. 

We stick strongly to our standards.

Our collagen is produced and packed in South Korea, where strict regulations and standards fortify the safety and effectiveness of our collagen. Bringing it a step further, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide collagen made only in facilities audited by the FDA and other inspection bodies.

Will you be different?

If you’re:

  • Sensitive to odors and tastes
  • Mindful and conscious about spending your hard-earned money 
  • Prioritizing quality 
  • Yearning for a product that fulfils its claims
  • Second guessing your current collagen supplements

KORYA might just be what you’re looking for. You’ll never have to second guess whether you’ve just wasted your money on a less effective product, because what you see is what you’ll get — 100% pure, unadulterated, marine collagen peptides. 

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