Pure Collagen Peptide

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KORYA Collagen Powder is 500G of bioactive, highly absorbable, and clinically researched Type 1 hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides made in South Korea. 
The best collagen powder for your skin care and wellness routine, as well as a simple solution that benefits your future health. Our superhero supplement composed of vital proteins for those with active lifestyles and beauty rituals.
KORYA Collagen is certified Halal and Kosher.

Made in South Korea

Ingredients Fish Collagen Peptide
Dimensions 25.5cmx11cmx11cm
Weight 500g


Korea Muslim federation Committee halal certificate

Nutrition Facts

(per 10g)

Energy 0.036kcal
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
Sodium 2mg-8mg
Protein >9g
Water ≤0.9g
Dietary Fiber 0g



KORYA Collagen is the go-to supplement for people looking for a serious way to improve and maintain the condition of their body.

  • By effortlessly nourishing and hydrating the skin from within, skin elasticity, firmness and radiance is improved.
  • By supplementing the reduced collagen in your joint tendons, pain and inflammation in those areas are greatly reduced.
  • Being highly absorbable, odourless and tasteless, you can enjoy it easily in any hot and cold drink, workout smoothie, or your morning cuppa without changing their taste!
And many more benefits



At KORYA, we take your health, and our product quality, very seriously. Through a stringent and patented filtration process, KORYA collagen is free from unpleasant odor and disagreeable taste. KORYA collagen is also made to have a very low molecular weight of 2000. This makes it easy for you to consume and absorb our collagen for maximum effectiveness. Each and every bag of KORYA Collagen is upheld to high international standards of safety and quality for our valued customers.


Why you need collagen

KORYA only uses marine collagen, which is a prime source of type 1 collagen - the same collagen in our bodies. With KORYA Collagen, you can maintain the elasticity, firmness and radiance of your skin. You can stop all of the tendons in our joints from diminishing and causing you pain. You can stay active as you age, staying young and keeping fit inside and out!

Loading dose/Initial dose

Mix twice the maintenance dose of powder with 200ml of water, fruit juice or any cold or hot beverage once a day for the first month. Consume on an empty stomach.

Maintenance dose

Age Dosage
25-35 One teaspoonful (5-7.5g)/day
35-55 One tablespoonful (10-13g)/day
≥55 One to two tablespoonfuls (10-22g)/day
Yes, KORYA collagen is certified Halal and Kosher.
Unfortunately, if you have a seafood or shellfish allergy, you should avoid consuming our product.